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Siren Song pencil roving…aka Superwash merino and seacell pencil roving

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Normally, we don’t do website updates midweek, but then today has been a little wild from the start!  Fiber Optic Superwash Merino and Seacell pencil roving is featured in the FiberFiesta section of the Spring-Summer issue of Knitty, which went live this morning, March 22nd.   The reviewers were extremely positive about the fiber and colors which simply delights me to no end!!!   There is just something magical when another spinner enjoys working with something that I had a small part in creating.  This fiber has been quite popular and now has it’s own name – Siren Song UNSPUN! pencil roving. So I’ve beed scrambling to get the photos up and items listed for the 2 newest colors of Siren Song that we currently have in stock (Equinox and Black Coffee).

While photographing and trying to list new items and trying to get the website updated,  I also fielded emails asking about the pencil roving and we all packed orders as fast as we could.  As the late afternoon wound down, I decided to start making dinner after checking the Yarn Harlot’s blog (this is one of my favorite treats – reading about what she is making and her sense of humor absolutely tickles me!).  I was completely stunned to see that she led the blog off with pictures of Fiber Optic Superwash Merino and Seacell pencil roving (before and after spinning)!   I don’t think she had any knowledge of the reviews in Knitty or that they would be coming out today – it’s just one of those wacky planetary alignments that nudge you into updating the website midweek to try and make available fiber for spinners!

We are dyeing up lots of Siren Song UNSPUN!  in the studio this next month so if there is a colorway that you especially would like to see, please email me!!  This weeks colorways are Polkadots and Moonbeams, Superstition, and Unforgettable.  As they finish drying and are packaged, I will list them even if it is mid-week.  If there is something specific that you would like to see, please drop me a line!!!  I would love to hear from you!