To Market To Market…

Ellie and I just checked into our hotel this evening at 9:30pm – we left Cincinnati at 11am this morning and haven’t stopped running. – There is an edge of excitement in the air.  Like opening day or the first day of a holiday.  As of today, festival season officially begins for us.  We brought enough inventory to fill 2 full booths (we only have a single booth here).   So the trick is how to make everything fit!  Booth set up for this festival is split between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, so currently we are only half set up.  I’m one of those folks who like the satisfaction of completing a task once it’s started so it’s an odd feeling to simply walk out of the building at closing time with the booth only mid-setup.  There are bins of unpacked fiber and yarn everywhere!!  Total chaos! Somehow, we’re going to create the illusion of a mini store front by tomorrow at 1pm with something resembling order…my brain can never wrap itself around this concept, even though we do it show after show.   All the vendors do.  It’s something magical.

I wanted to take pics of the setup to show a behind the scenes peek at what goes on and all the madness, but my camera was packed deep into the luggage (not very useful there), so I had to wait until we unpacked tonight at the hotel.  I’ll take it with me  tomorrow for the second half of set up and if I’m the least bit still alive in the evening, I’ll post a quick blog with some photos.

One Response to “To Market To Market…”

  1. Sandra Clark says:

    Hi Kim And Ellie,

    Glad you arrived safe. I’m sure the booth will look great! We’re also in a state of disarray, trying to pack up and head out tomorrow. Thinking of you. Love Mom