Home Again, Home Again (Jiggedy Jig)

Well, I rolled into Cincinnati last night around midnight, dragged myself into the house and promptly went to sleep.  The festival came to a close yesterday at 5pm.  The booth that had taken 9 hours to set up, was broken down by Ellie and myself in 2 hours.  By 7:30, we were on the road for home.  These festivals are always such a whirlwind of fun and energy!

Sorry to say that there are no photos of the finished booth – my camera is on the fritz.  I suspect it is the battery not holding a charge.  I need to see about ordering another one this evening.  In the meantime, here’s a photo of me drop spindling that Gina was kind enough to send to me.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the crazy necklace of pencil roving!!

The Greencastle Fiber Event (Greencastle, Indiana) is weighted heavily towards spinning (more so than most festivals we vend at).  There are many many wonderful spinners at this festival, but there are also many folks who get bitten by the spinning bug here and would love to give it a whirl (pun intended).  So I grabbed a bag of pencil roving and purchased a  Bare Bones spindle (by Greensleeves) and started an impromptu demo outside of our booth.  It’s actually a means of relaxation for me and takes the edge off my nervous energy when I’m at a festival.  Plus, folks walking by seem to get a charge out of watching the fiber being drawn out and twisted into a thin thread.  Enough so that, at times, there were quite a few folks gathered around and the local spinning guild asked if they could send people interested in drop spindling over to watch.  I even got to teach a few new spinners!

One new spinner, Gee Gee, was a nearby vendor (Soft Stuff)  who makes the most wonderful vintage aprons from the 1920’s – 1940’s.    As truly wonderful as those aprons were (and believe me when I tell you they are fascinating since Gee Gee doesn’t just professionally sew them, she also researches and knows the history behind each style), the bamboo/cotton pillowcases were simply too much for me to resist.  She was completely sold out of all but the model!  I ordered a pair and I expect I’ll likely turn right around and order quite a few more pairs as well, they are that luxurious!!  Anyhow, Gee Gee was there with her daughter, who was vending in the adjacent booth (Westfield Woolies).   She’s starting classes soon in Ovine Midwifery so that she can help when there are difficulties with the births of the lambs on her daughter’s farm.  Her daughter owns a Cormo and Border Leicester sheep farm and was selling wonderful fleeces – I picked up a large (9 pound) Cormo x Border Leicester that was Brown and Grey (unbelievably soft) that I dropped off to Ginny at Ohio Vally Processing to have made into roving.

There are so many wonderful unusual fleeces at the festivals where we vend that I’m thinking of making it a point of purchasing several at each show and dropping them off to Ginny (Ohio Valley is only ca. 40 minutes from me – how crazy convenient is that????) and then offering these spinning fibers (dyed and undyed) to spinners.   Any takers?

6 Responses to “Home Again, Home Again (Jiggedy Jig)”

  1. Melissa says:

    Specific-breed fleeces with FiberOptic quality control? Pre-cleaned and prepped? I would absolutely love that. Yesyesyes!

    So missing MS&W this year. Such fond memories of classes and seeing you there last year.

    Gee Gee’s aprons sound lovely, please send a link if you have one. Thanks!

  2. knitreadspin says:

    Glad the festival went well. It sounds like everyone had lots of fun.

    If you put the fiber processed by Ohio Valley on your site I’m sure there are many spinners who will appreciate it…..

  3. Kim says:

    I enjoyed meeting you at the Fiber Event on Friday. Your booth and colors continue to inspire me and I cannot wait to start knitting with the yarns I purchased!

  4. PattyW says:

    I am always in the market for good fiber. I like to dye a little myself so since I no longer have sheep, I’m always open to natural fiber! ( Second to your wonderfully dyed wool, of course!)

  5. KraftyKathy says:

    Oh Yes, I would love some new and different fibers. Romeny, I have felt it and it is lovely. With you dying it will be lovely.

    Sounds like the Festival was a success.

  6. Monica says:

    It was lovely to meet you (while you were teaching Gee Gee and her teenage assistant to spin on Saturday, actually!) at Greencastle, Kim. I hope we run into each other again during the festival season!

    And yes, fleece chosen by you and processed by OVNF would be an amazing product addition. It would be awesome if you carried such things in your B&M store, too! I only wish I lived closer to Cincinnati…