Knit Girllls Gradient

A while back, Leslie and Laura (of the KnitGirllls podcast) asked if I would be interested in creating a gradient for a spin-a-long for their podcast. I’ll hold on while you run over and check it out…

I loved the idea so we penned it into the the dye studio schedule. Laura and Leslie both were so patient since the schedule is planned out several months in advance and even with heavy creative rescheduling, there was still a long wait – thanks guys!

I wanted to do something that would reflect their friendship as well as be meaningful for the podcast that they created. We’ve had a couple of email conferences as well as a face-to-face at Rhinebeck. We decided that it had to have that vibrant KnitGirllls blue that the KnitGirllls is written in at the top of their podcast. Then I noodled…and pondered…and painted (yes, I paint out color for gradients)…and schemed. Lots of pretty gradients, but nothing seemed personal or dramatic or beyond the commonplace.

So I emailed them for some help, asking what their favorite colors were. Laura likes violet – easy peasy to put with cerulean blue and make them play nice together since they are both cool colors. Leslie, however, likes red – a warm color. A challenge! A zing of color unexpectedness in a gradient! I proposed it to our dye team – there was gasps of surprise and mutters of ‘Are you kidding?’ This color combination breaks quite a few of our ‘rules’ in the studio.

I persevered, though, with conviction that we could do it. And we did! Three full days of formulating the colors. Brutal discarding of uncooperative colors that refused to play nice with each other (blues and reds I’m looking at you!). Finally, we decided on a true red (not an orange-y red, but a blood red) to a violet and on to a cerulean blue. It’s intense and interesting and the colors all flow very well, highlighting and complimenting one another.

This gradient will go live for preorders on the usual batchannel on December 1st at 1:00pm. You won’t see the gradient until December 1st – before then this link will simply take you to the homepage, where other very nice goodies are available to tempt you. The KnitGirllls gradient (rouge-violet-cerulean) will be available in unlimited quantities until December 8th at 1:00pm, when we will close it (all good things must come to an end…sob!). Hope you all enjoy it as much as we all did here creating and dyeing it up!

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