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The Calm Before The Storm

Friday, October 19th, 2012

We got a bit of a late start heading out to Rhinebeck for the New York Sheep and Wool festival this past Wednesday. Actually, most of the drive was at night with only the semi-trailers for company on the roads. Not the best venue for interesting photos or blog-fodder!

So today, I present the the calm of yesterday morning when we arrived at the fairgrounds. Dawn broke with one of those ideal picture-perfect autumn days in the Hudson Valley that Norman Rockwell loved to paint. Crisp, clear, sunny morning. Unbelievably vibrant autumn leaves. The smell of fall hanging rich in the air. This photo will be impossible to take on Friday – there will be dozens of trucks and trailers unloading sheep and merchandise into every building on the grounds. There will be hundreds of vendors who have become friends through the venues who haven’t seen each other for the whole year. Lots of excitement, hugs and squeals. But Thursday morning, this scene is tranquil and calm.

Almost all the other vendors will set up on the Friday, the day before the festival. But the festival organizers will actually allow vendors to set up on Thursday, which is what we prefer.

The pace is a little more relaxed and if something in the set-up throws you a curve, there’s another whole day to make it right. The fairgrounds early Thursday morning have an ethereal quality which is in sharp contrast to the bustling activity which the crowds of knitters, spinners, weavers and other fiber enthusiasts will bring in just 2 days!

Building C, where the Fiber Optic booth is located, is empty now…but just give us a few hours (and a pot of coffee, please!).