Another Drop in the Bucket

A little bit more of the stash whittled down! Even better is that warm hands will be had this winter at the Baldwin household. The mittens are complete!

The pattern is my go-to generic pattern for warm mittens and uses worsted weight yarn knit tightly on size 1 needles so the fabric is very dense, keeping out the cold quite effectively. They are knit out of the same handspun yarn used to make the Meret hat last week ’cause when you are a 10 year old girl, it’s all about the matchy-matchy. The mittens weigh in at 4.1 ounces, bringing the stash reduction total to 6.7 ounces – pretty piddly. At this rate I’ll be dead several years before I make my 20 pound total!!!

On other fronts, the pearl beads finally arrived for the cashmere/silk Faberge cowl. After much anticipation, there was the little package in the mailbox a couple days ago. So exciting – I ripped open the package and poured out the little glass pearls, holding them next to the blue hand-spun skein of yarn to see how the color will work (beautifully, as it turns out)…then I noticed that the holes seemed very small. Much smaller than the 0.8 mm claimed in the product description. See what I mean?

On the right is the pearl bead against the deep blue yarn so you could see just how itty-bitty these holes are – the bead on the left is a size 6/0 bead for comparison. In fact, the holes on the pearl beads are SO SMALL that after trying several lighter weight yarns with the beads, it’s fairly challenging to get a lace weight yarn through these beads. Sigh…no way whatsoever that my DK/Worsted weight yarn is going to fit.

Looking on the positive side, I now have beads for some future lace weight project. Now it appears I’m accumulating a bead stash. Hopefully I won’t be trying to do a 20 pound bead stash reduction next year! Heading off to the bead store with my skein of yarn to see what I might find in the way of beads with larger holes.

12-1-12 Talley: 0 pounds 6.7 ounces Fiber/Yarn lost on the stash diet!

One Response to “Another Drop in the Bucket”

  1. Carol says:

    Hi. I certainly wouldn’t want to teach a grandma how to suck eggs, but we have recently been using beads on yarn to make beaded necklaces, and have found that the yarn doesn’t have to be able to be threaded through the hole in the bead. If you thread up a normal sewing needle with sewing thread and tie a knot to get a loop in the thread, then loop your spun yarn through the loop, the bead will slip over the needle, down the fine sewing thread and onto the spun yarn. I’m sure you would find the size 6/0 bead with its slightly larger hole would fit easily onto your yarn. It looks gorgeous, by the way.