Hats For Everyone!

While digging deep into the stash, I came across a couple skeins of fingering weight that were half used with about 50 g of yarn left in each. They were left over from one project or another and neither had a yarn band. One was a royal blue and the other a teal. While there was not enough of either to complete a project, held together they produced a worsted weight yarn with enough yardage to make a Jacques Cousteau hat. Nothing fancy – just a warm wool hat. Our family loves this hat – it’s sort of magic. I always knit the smaller size and the same hat fits everyone in the family – from our preschooler up to my husband. It’s stretchy and comfortable and one of it’s best features, aside, from easily fitting everyone, is that it has a 4-inch fold-up band, which keeps the wearer’s ears warm.

See how happy the recipient is? Yup – warm ears. Watch out! If you stand still long enough around here, you’re likely to be fitted with a hand-knit hat in my continued determination to bust the yarn stash.

12-6-12 Talley: 0 pounds 10.1 ounces Fiber/Yarn lost on the stash diet!

One Response to “Hats For Everyone!”

  1. Mel says:

    Can I get this pattern? I think I could handle this, not too difficult and have some yarn I could get rid of too.