One of Those Days

So, on Friday I found out in the Fiber Optic Fans group on that not only is our very first ad in the winter 2012 edition of Spin Off, but there is an article in there that mentions some of our pencil roving as well. Of course, my copy hasn’t arrived yet. In fact, near as I can tell, just about everyone’s copy (but mine) had arrived to it’s destination by Saturday. So yesterday afternoon I thought that buying a copy at Barnes & Noble, sitting in the store’s Starbucks, and browsing through the new Spin Off would be a lovely (and quiet) break away from the three ring circus of my home.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my family dearly. My husband is supportive of all the craziness that my career choice brings into the family. We have a couple dozen bins of fiber inventory stored in the living room that need to be relocated to make room for the Christmas tree (hanging lights and ornaments off the towers of bins in the living room didn’t make the vote among the younger family members). My kids are happy, creative, and wonderfully amusing. I love my family endlessly…but they are also quite loud (no surprise with 4 school age children). So a nice quiet break away with coffee and some fiber reading seems like a day at a spa.

Do you ever want something so badly that when it is denied, you feel like stomping around throwing one of those temper tantrums that only a 2-year can really pull off with flair? That’s what I felt like when, after rifling through the magazines – twice, there was no sign of the winter 2012 edition of Spin Off. I hunted down the poor woman at the information desk. I then waited patiently, while she went and looked through the craft section of the magazines. I wasn’t too concerned because I was pretty sure she was going to say something about going in the back to get me the current issue. Instead she came back and said, ‘See that tall stack of boxes over in the corner? Those are the new magazines. We’ll put them out in the next 2-3 days when we get the chance. If you come back on Monday there is a good chance we’ll have them out. You might want to call before coming over to make sure though.’ Yeah – major fantasies about temper tantrums.

As knitters and spinners, we all know how to self-medicate during insanely frustrating moments like these – with yarn and fiber. First I cast on:

This is the Faberge cowl. I got three whole rounds knit, when I went to add the first bead…and had the first inkling that the universe was toying with me. Now I already have two sets of beads for this – first a set of glass pearls with holes much much too small. Then a set of 6/0 glass silver-lined beads which I found out, shortly after casting on, were also too small. Sigh…it helps to read the instructions and helpful hints in the pattern, btw, where it clearly states that 6/0 are not likely going to work well – you really need 5/0 beads. I have now ordered the 5/0 beads – definite start of a bead stash.

Not to be detoured, I cast on:

It’s the Quick Knit Coin Lace and Cable Wrap and was a bit of a spur of the moment decision. I’m knitting it out of Naturally Sensations yarn (70% Merino and 30% Angora). Nothing like a little angora to ease away the uglies. It’s soft and warm and will be wonderful to wrap up in when headed out and about in January.

Just to be sure everything would be ok, I also started spinning two braids of this:

Raspberry to Cream gradient dyed on 50% Superwash merino 50% bamboo. After spinning like a gerbil on an exercise wheel (trying to work out the residual irritation), I ended up with this:

which is destined to be a 3-ply yarn to knit up Tulip Dreams. Now I feel better.

One Response to “One of Those Days”

  1. Ellie says:

    Kimber, if you haven’t gotten your copy by tonight’s knitting party, I’ll be glad to share mine with you – but wow did that little snaf put you in a knitting frenzy! I think ornaments would look lovely on those fiber bins. Maybe some holly and miseltoe right on top. I’m sure Mike would love it! He’s such a good sport, yet I think this might be a little much even for him.