Fair Trade

So what do you get in exchange for a basketball practice, knitting night with friends, a band concert, a basketball game, and a choir concert?

It turns out that in addition to wonderful memories, laughs, and proud-Mom moments, you get 30 inches of the coin lace and cable stole done.

That, my friends, is half of the stole.  I would say that is definately a fair trade.  In fact, I would even go so far as to say it is a bonus since even without the knitting, I had a fabulous time at all the events this week.  It always confuses me a bit when folks say they don’t have time to knit – their lives are simply too busy.  The implication is that I have time to knit because I do nothing except sit at home eating chocolate truffles and champagne…and knit of course.  I’ve long since given up trying to explain that knitting, by it’s very portability, allows you to work on it while out and about at all those events that make your life so busy – folks, it’s not an exclusive decision.  You don’t have to choose between (watching) basketball and knitting – do both!  (If you are actually playing basketball, you may wish to abstain from knitting – running with pointy sticks and all that).  For heaven’s sake, it’s not like you are practicing belly-dancing up there in the bleachers – it’s knitting.  A little care not to poke your neighbor with one of your knitting needles and an easily memorized pattern is all it takes.  Really.  Another good week of ferrying kids to various activities and I should be all set to cast off and call this stole a done deal – hoping for around 1.5 pounds of stash reduction.  Woohoo!

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