Tree Ornaments

These past weeks, we’ve been decorating our Christmas tree with all sorts of ornaments – some crafted by little hands, others handed down generations, and still others gathered as souvenirs from family travels. In the midst of this bleak, overcast week, our tree has been the brightest spot in the house – a gathering spot for kids and games, and lots of excitement and laughter.

Today however, the day after Christmas, it was Mother Nature’s turn to do some decorating. All the trees are now clothed in shimmery ice – all sparkly and silver.

Yes, it’s treacherous to drive on, but it’s also quite lovely to sit down at the spinning wheel by the window and enjoy all the iridescent icycles from the warmth of home. While I was enjoying a spot of tea and spinning the last braid of the Raspberry to Cream gradient on superwash merino/bamboo top, look who came to visit!!

Isn’t he beautiful? He was quite social, looking in the window trying to ponder what I was doing with the fiber and string (maybe wishing for a bit to line a nest?) while enjoying his meal of berries.

As of today, I have finished plying these:

(210 and 230 yards of n-ply) and I’m currently spinning the last braid

in hopes of making a Tulip Dreams shawl in January (yes – the fiber came out of the stash – stash for models but still stash). I know you are thinking I should be working on the Quick Knit Coin Lace and Cable Wrap since I was hoping to have it finished by now. While I love working on it, it’s reached the ‘black hole’ size where no matter how much you knit, it doesn’t seem to get any larger. It now measures 63 inches in length and I still have 2 more skeins of yarn. I see no point in posting another picture of it until it is finished, since it looks pretty much the same…long…rectangular…cables…brown. Just a bit longer than last time I told you about it. Speaking of which, this is already 3 inches longer than the pattern calls for (60 inches long after blocking), but in the interest of using stash, I’m going to keep knitting until I run out of yarn!! I’m a little tired (exhausted actually) of working on it, so it’s in the thinking chair for a day or two while I finish spinning something light and bright…and not brown.

Besides, I need to have my spinning wheel free and clear come January 1st since this is the day that the Knit Girllls spin along begins – I’m hoping to spin up 2 skeins of the Rouge-Violet-Cerulean as a couple prizes to give away during the spin along. If you would like to win one of the skeins, stay tuned to the Knit Girllls’ podcast to hear how to enter. Did you catch that? By giving away the spun skeins, I can add them to the stash reduction!! Tricky, huh?

2 Responses to “Tree Ornaments”

  1. Mel says:

    Love the yarn created from that gradient! So you getting rid of yarn has inspired me to do the same. Crazy, I know. Not like I have time to sit around knitting when I should be cleaning, working on my resume, and organizing. Anyway, I started a shawl for a dear friend with some yarn I had sitting around. Lucky for me, I had a cool pattern stashed as well and I adapted that for the shawl. I am using the Daisy Chain lace baby blanket pattern, by Kimber Baldwin Designs. 🙂 I knit just one of the daisy’s down the center with stockinette on either side. Actually, it is turning out quite pretty. Can’t wait to get it finished! Fun to do this again, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Kimber says:

    I’m told by our dyer, Cori, that this bird is a yellow-bellied sapsucker. No, I didn’t make this name up!