Winter Wonderland

When our 6 year old asked for a snowball maker from Santa this year, my husband and I were a bit concerned about the usefulness of the idea. You see, last year we had no snow – it was a very warm winter and, in fact, most folks will tell you there was no winter – we went from Autumn directly into Spring. Sometimes, though, when your little girl has her heart set on one particular Christmas gift, there is not a lot of choice – you go along with it and hope that the universe is also listening. And it turns out that it was…

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland with about 4 inches of snow (that is quite a good snowfall for Cincinnati) just the right consistency for making snowballs! So after the grownups enjoyed a pot of coffee, we bundled the kids up and tossed them outside to play (actually they were hopping up and down begging to go out and have a snowball fight). They’ve been outside for almost an hour, which has given me time to put together a pot of Chicken and White Bean Chili for dinner this evening and write a bit in the blog. I’m starting to really see the advantages of that snowball maker idea…

In the land of current projects, I cast off the never-ending Quick Knit Coin Lace and Cable Wrap (yes, the official pattern title really does include the words Quick Knit – clearly I was not one of the test knitters, right?). No pictures yet since it is blocking – I’ll try and model it for you when it is dry.

The last skein of the Raspberry to Cream gradient is now off the bobbins and the wheel has been cleaned and oiled and is ready to go in preparation for the Knit Girllls spin-along beginning on Tuesday. No pics of the last skein of yarn either – it looks just like the first two skeins. I’m hoping to cast on the Tulip Dreams shawl this weekend. My shawl will be a bit larger than the one in Sock Report since my yarn is more DK than fingering – wondering if I should drop down a needle size?

I’m also considering casting on some red mittens for the little man preschooler to match his existing Jacques Cousteau hat. He is currently wearing hand-me-down mittens knit a few years ago (don’t worry – we always have lots of mittens around here), but he’d like to have mittens in his favorite color. Mittens are one of those take-along projects that are always good for working on during various kid events and I know just the skein from the stash…a worsted-weight skein handspun from Bluefaced Leicester top in the garnet colorway!!

2 Responses to “Winter Wonderland”

  1. Cori says:

    It does look like Emily has a perfect snowball…

  2. Kimber says:

    Yeah – and she wasn’t afraid to use it (just sayin’).