Happy New Year

There is something quite wonderful about a brand spanking new year – the promise of all those lovely things to fill up a whole 365 days…kid hugs and kisses, family meals, laughing with friends, and let’s not forget all the dyeing, spinning, and knitting projects!

See the little bit of spun yarn on the bobbin? That would be my start of the Rouge-Violet-Cerulean gradient for the Knit Girllls spin along. I’d be much much further along except that I’ve spent most of the day counting end of the year inventory for Fiber Optic Yarns.

I’m so excited to be spinning this! I love the idea that when I sit down to spin, there is likely others who are also spinning their gradient as well. I imagine all the different ways folks will spin this and know that even though I have quite a decent imagination, spinners will create yarns that far exceed what I dream up. I can’t wait to see the photos posted on both the Knit Girllls and Fiber Optic Fans groups on ravelry!!

I’m spinning this braid from one end to the other (without dividing the roving) using a short forward draw. Then I’ll navajo-ply it to keep the color transition intact. I’m hoping for 400-500 yards of n-ply yarn to donate for a prize for the spin along. Hope the recipient likes it. I always worry about this. It’s hard enough creating a present for someone you know – creating a present for someone you don’t? Lots of pressure to not fail.

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