Open Wide

The demolition continues, but it is now easy to see the future areas. Like an archeological dig, the rooms we need were always there, buried under the catacombs of small rooms that were here when we purchased the building.

We knew that the building had been added on to a couple of times and that the old wall shown below (all that is left is the wood 2 by 4 support studs) was an external wall, but it was fun to see where the old window used to be just the same. This load bearing wall runs through the retail space, bisecting the front of the retail from the back. It will be coming out in the next few days and the support beam will go in.

Load Bearing Wall Running Through Retail Space

This is the future dye studio. You can see that it is divided by a wall, which will come out shortly.

Future Dye Studio

The future classroom continues to open up.

Future Classroom

Future Classroom

Framing supplies for future walls – very exciting!!!

Framing Supplies

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